At Ultra Electronics, ProLogic we focus on achieving excellence in a core set of capabilities where we are uniquely qualified and can execute on the individual visions of our clients. We have staffed each of our areas of expertise with a sterling crew of managers, engineers, artists, and analysts, all of whom are supported by a solid infrastructure and a management team with decades of military and business experience. Since our start in 1994, the entrepreneurial spirit embedded in our initial foundation continues to define our company. Our sense of responsibility and personal ownership for every project we undertake drives us forward and is exemplified through each employee who joins our ranks.

By relying upon a business model that requires the successful enrichment of our clients’ value before our own, Ultra Electronics, ProLogic aims to earn its clients’ respect, trust, and future business.

Areas of Expertise

► COMSEC Equipment & Key Management
► Embedded Cryptographic Services & Solutions