The integrated analytic Voice Print Analysis (VPA™) system provides highly accurate speaker identification scalable to any size audio collection system. The VPA™ utilizes voice biometric algorithms to enrich investigative processing by narrowing down the millions of collections to a small set of search results that will pinpoint a subject of interest. Once the subject of interest is identified, ProLogic’s robust Advanced Retrieval Information Extraction System (ARIES) mass collection system can be used to continue tracking a person of interest utilizing collected metadata.

The VPA™ and ARIES will exponentially increase investigative efficiency and effectiveness; providing more accurate search results in a shorter period of time.

ProLogic delivers a ground-breaking combination of near-real-time mass voice collection and advanced audio biometrics technology. This revolutionary turn-key solution takes the investigative process to the next level.

 VPA™ Key Features
  •  High Volume Person of Interest Detection
  • Real-time and Historical Search
  • Language Agnostic Accurate Person of Interest Identification
  • Audio Source Independent