Worldwide, fully secured black key delivery to anyone, anywhere, any platform

Current Black Key delivery methods are cumbersome, insecure or both. Over the air distribution requires operatores at both ends, has a complicated setup and is prone to transmission errors and restarts. Other methods, such as email or shared online folders, are not secure, do not provide complete audit logs and may not be available everywhere. Delivery via a fill device can involve long delays and potentially hazardous trips.

How does CARDS Black Key Server solve this problem?

Worldwide fully secured black key delivery to anyone, anywhere, any platform.

CARDS Black Key Server (BKS) is a state of the art web application designed to manage and secure distribution of TrKEK wrapped key throughout an organization. BKS will use any network link available to let the end users download key from the CARDS server. This can include traditional LAN/WAN’s, SCIP dialup, IP Radio, Satellite, or GSM/CDMA with a secure phone. The download can be performed by any PC/Mac/Unix client running a standard web browser, Netbook, or UMPC. The key can be downloaded to the local client for later upload into a fill device, or it can be sent directly to the fill device using a serial port on a PC or other client.

In addition to distribution ok key, CARDS BKS will keep track of network key refill schedules, performs automatic emergency supercession, has controlling authority specific interfaces, and prints key order forms.

Black Key Security

CARDS BKS is secured using the latest PKI technology. If your network supports digital certificates, CARDS BKS will use these certificates for authentication, non-repudiation, and will secure the audit records. CARDS BKS will use SSL or TLS as an auxiliary encryption to ensure the black key only gets received by the destination account (Local Element).