COMSEC, Accounting, Reporting, and Distribution System (CARDS)

CARDS Features

CARDS is a web-based application that provides full life-cycle support for an organization’s COMSEC assets and automates all management-related tasks within an organization. CARDS supports the “business” of COMSEC.

From key managers sitting at the COR to COMSEC custodians and everyone in between, CARDS has functionality for everyone in the COMSEC umbrella. Based on a central database, CARDS lets each user have access to the information they need (and only the information they need) in real time, simplifying and automating the task of running a COMSEC organization. CARDS saves an organization time and money, minimizing potentially costly mistakes.

CARDS tracks millions of COMSEC assets worldwide

The CARDS suite of COMSEC management products encompasses all levels of asset management from the COR to hand receipt holders.

CARDS Functionality

COMSEC Accounting

From receipt of material to issuing SF153s, CARDS handles all types of transactions with modern, easy to use interfaces. Material is tracked real-time in a central database giving users and policy makers a birds-eye view of all of the assets of an organization. As COMSEC material is transferred, received, and destroyed, CARDS uses a high-integrity data model to ensure accuracy and records extensive digitally signed audit trails. Automatic destructions and inventories allows a user to destroy all superseded key or perform mass inventories of multiple accounts at a time, increasing efficiency and speed.

Black Key Distribution

CARDS improves the current cumbersome and insecure black key delivery methods by facilitating worldwide, fully-secure black key delivery. CARDS Black Key distribution imports wrapped key from EKMS and distributes it through the network to CARDS users. It enables secure delivery to anyone, anywhere, including standard LAN/WAN, satellite, IP radio, and dial-up.

Configuration Management

Because COMSEC equipment is getting more complicated with each generation, each make and model has its own set of data requirements. To adapt to such changes, CARDS has the following extensive configuration management tools for all types of CCI equipment:

  • Multiple software versions
  • Battery installation dates
  • Key splits
  • Custom field creation
  • Search and report on all Configuration Management data
  • Software update upload/downloads
  • Accessory tracking
  • Kits

The CARDS configuration management model allows flexibility and dynamic growth with the changing landscape of crypto programs.

Key Management

Complete key management tools let key managers and controlling authorities manage the full cycle of traditional and modern key using easily manageable graphic interfaces. CARDS provides controlling authorities system-wide control of key effective dates and supercession dates. Controlling Authorities may also set the key distribution requirements for each of its accounts, allowing automatic tracking of key expiration dates and ensuring automatic distribution of required key before expiration of current key to each account.

Barcode Inventory Management

Cut inventory and transaction processing time in half using the CARDS barcode module. The barcode inventory module uses half the time and personnel when compared to using paper to perform transactions. It makes performing inventories easier using barcode scanners to perform inventories and resolve inventory discrepancies. This module can be used at warehouse locations, large accounts or by auditors.

The barcode transaction module makes creating new transactions easier by using barcode scanners for item selection. CARDS also allows a user to create destruction or transfer transactions directly on the barcode reader, eliminating the need to enter transaction information manually before scanning the items. Thus, the module cuts the time used to process transactions, while reducing mistakes.

The CARDS barcode module uses PDF-417 labels read by hand-held Windows CE-based 2D barcode scanners in either store-and-forward or wireless mode to manage your depot inventories.


No more do COMSEC procurement personnel have to track ownership of material on paper. CARDS provides a procurement module to track procurement orders, funding sources and programs, and allocation COMSEC material based on previously defined procurement requirements. Personnel may easily view the equipment balances for each program or department, transfer balances as desired, and create depreciation reports. Basically, CARDS easily tracks the who, when, where, and how much aspects of all COMSEC equipment procured.


The CARDS distribution module offers a digital format in which to track the creation and shipment of COMSEC packages. It is very flexible in all its processes, allowing user of administrator customization. An administrator may easily setup limitless shipping types, label types, and local element addresses, saving them in one location for easy access and modification. The CARDS distribution module supports multiple wraps with different labels for each wrap. It also provides support for tamper protection programs.