Remote Cryptographic Management System

The Remote Cryptographic Management product consists of a hardware and software product called the Remote Cryptographic Management System (RCMS) and a software controller product installed on a Central Site Management Workstation (CSMW). The controller is a key management tool that allows the operator at the CSMW to remotely load key to the MIDS LVT Series over a secure Ethernet LAN connection. RCMS provides monitoring control and key delivery to remote stations over TCP/IP networks. This reduces staffing and travel requirements, increasing visibility of system operations. The RCMS uses a net-centric approach to provide secure, remote cryptographic system management.

RCMS Architecture

A single Control Station allows the operator to view the status of the multiple remote Outstations. Communications between the Control Station and the Outstations can be over a secure TCP/IP network. Key loading and zeroize instructions are passed over the network using industry standard XML files.

Central Monitor Management
Workstation System Requirements
  • Commercial grade or better personal computer with keyboard, mouse, and display
  • Windows XP Professional (country-specific version may be required)
  • Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
  • Ethernet Connection to Local LAN
Unmanned Remote Outstations
Features with REMS Installed
  • Remote cryptographic Keying
  • Remote sensors (power, security, environment)
  • Equipment controls and monitoring
  • Multiple Outstations and ECUs
Control Station
  • Operator status and data logging
  • Key loading controls
  • Remote equipment controls (power, zeroize)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Single operator can control multiple Outstations
Key Benefits
  • NSA reviewed and authorized rekey systems
  • Net-Centric architecture with configurable equipment and modular user interfaces
  • Uses the Data Management Device developed by U.S. Air Force for Key Management
  • Black key can be sourced from NSA
  • Remote monitoring allows proactive system management
  • Highly reliable computers provide a high availability solution
  • Reduces manpower requirements
  • Uses industry standard communication protocols: XML, TCP/IP, HTTPS, SNMP
  • Available today for MIDS LVT family systems


The RCMS provides an interface to the fill device. Rack-mounted case 2U form-factor to fit a standard equipment rack.

The RCMS can be controlled from multiple sites. The central site could be located at up to three different locations with one site at a time designated as the “controlling” site. Other sites are backup and can assume control at a moment’s notice.

RCMS requires additional support equipment, cabling, and software support services dependent up installation site. ProLogic recommends the use of ProLogic’s Remote Equipment Monitoring System (REMS) to provide the level of remote system protection prescribed by NSA.