GeoShield is a suite of vivid, interactive decision aid tools to protect personnel and critical assets. GeoShield enables users to rapidly pinpoint facility vulnerabilities and plan defensive measures against explosive attacks and other terroristic actions. Video and PowerPoint products may be generated as visual aids for predictive thread decisions.

GeoShield Modeler

GeoShield Modeler enables users to easily compose vivid models of critical sites. With only a few clicks a user can import imagery and terrain, outline a building’s footprint, apply construction attributes specific to that building, view the entire scene in 3D and export the scene for analysis in our GeoShield Analyst software.

GeoShield Analyst

Upon importing a scene created in GeoShield Modeler, Analyst Leverages the fast-running, DoD-approved Blast Effects and Estimation Model (BEEM), GeoShield visualizes building damage and casualties due to blast threats. Casualty rings (for lung rupture, skull fracture, and eardrum damage) representing levels of protection are draped across the 3D landscape. The scene can further be enhanced by utilizing our extensive library of military and civilian models. These features can be utilized in conjunction with Analyst’s ability to publish media such as video, to create realistic threat scenarios.

Target Markets
  • Anti-terrorism / Force Protection
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Unit Protection
  • Vulnerability Assessment