Light Detection and Ranging

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors are laser radar sensors that measure ground terrain elevations from airborne platforms and produce a very high resolution point cloud. These sensors return data sets consisting of millions of 3D points and are capable of creating Level V terrain digital terrain elevation data (DTED) images.

Lidar Explorer for ArcGIS is an extension to ArcGIS that enables GIS users to work with Lidar data directly within their GIS system, and with their other existing GIS data. The vast majority of ArcGIS functionality is supported for the Lidar data. Lidar Explorer FCE provides access to Lidar data as points in 2D and 3D environments. It does not convert or represent the data as TIN or raster surfaces. If the user requires such surfaces, standard ESRI tools can be used to produce them.

With the combined features of FCE and DME, Lidar Explorer for ArcGIS is the most powerful and flexible Lidar tool available to ESRI GIS users today. Its modular architecture allows for easy incorporation of future taskspecific add-ons being developed for niche markets such as data providers, researchers, forestry, urban analysts, military, intelligence, and homeland security. License for Lidar Explorer for ArcGIS allows full use of both modules.

The Lidar Explorer FCE module allows users to work directly with Lidar points as a point feature class, enabling the application of virtually all ArcGIS functionality against the Lidar data, including 3D visualization in ArcScene.

  • Feature-class functionality
  • Customized spatial indexing
  • Extended attribute table
  • LAS file viewer
  • Reclassification tools
  • Analysis tools
  • Selection in 2D and 3D
  • Lidar-specific display options
  • Complete symbology control
  • ArcScene 3D integration
  • Profile tool
  • Import from ASCII
  • Export to LAS and shapefile
  • API for user extensibility

The Lidar Explorer DME module provides a specialized framework for managing, visualizing, analyzing, and processing an entire project of LAS files as a single layer within ArcMap. DME eliminates the difficulties of managing vast Lidar datasets in large numbers of tiles, and has been tested with datasets of over 1.5 Billion points, spanning 4300+ tiled LAS files.

  • Project-scale data handling
  • Powerful spatial indexing
  • Robust point filtering
  • Swath attribute support
  • Point reclassification
  • Point deletion
  • Lidar-specific symbology
  • Hillshaded surface display
  • Profile view
  • Editing in profile
  • Versatile ASCII Importer
  • Export by polygons or tiles
  • Export to ASCII or LAS
  • Export to DEM