Ultra Electronics, ProLogic has partnered with the Institute for Scientific Research to develop NNRules a neural network analysis environment under an Ultra Electronics, ProLogic primed Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Ames Research Center. NNRules is equipped with technology for translating into rules the knowledge contained in trained neural networks. Technologies have been developed for extracting both non-deterministic rules designed with an emphasis on readability and deterministic rules designed to implement the neural network without compromise. The primary goal of the NNRules environment is to facilitate formal verification and validation of the neural networks by restating their knowledge in forms that are readable by humans and that enable application of traditional test analysis methodologies. The STTR Phase I effort was an outstanding success. In fact, the results generated by the prototype highlighted existing and previously unknown flaws in an implementation of a Kohenon Self Organized Mapping network. The STTR Phase II effort will extend the number of networks supported and have a fully operational and commercializable tool as its output.