Ultra Electronics, ProLogic employs a team of seasoned engineers to build the leading-edge TDL solutions used to protect the homeland. From conception to delivery, we engineer interoperable systems that provide a single, accurate, and integrated picture of the air defense battlespace that can be shared across aircrafts, ships, and land-based systems.

  • Experience and Expertise in Multiple TDL Programs such as Link 16, ADSI, TTNT, JTEP-JRE, SADL, EPLRS, and TMPG
  • Joint and Service Certifications and Test Experience
  • Engineering for Multiple Operational Environments
    • Fixed and remote ground-based facilities
    • Manned and unmanned
    • Mobile vehicles
    • Active duty, reserve, and range operations
  • Documentation and Design, Including Build-to-Print
  • Light Manufacturing and Rack Assembly
Sample Tactical Data Link Systems

► Link-16 Alaska
► PocketJ
► MIDS Control Unit (MCU)
► Remote Equipment Management Systems (REMS)
► Tactical Toolkit
► Information Assurance