MIDS Control Unit

The Ultra Electronics, ProLogic Multifunction Information Distribution System (MIDS) Control Unit is a 1U 19” mountable unit and provides a local or remote operator with the ability to control discretes to the MIDS low-volume terminal LVT)-Series terminals.

  • DS-101 key jack to fill the terminal from a standing position
  • A “zeroization” button for zeriozing RAM keys if needed prior to performing maintenance or removing the LVTSeries
  • One MCU is required for each remote LVT-Series
  • Provides a Link 16 voice capability to and from the MIDS LVT-Series
  • Remote operation for the MCU works in conjunction with ProLogic’s Remote Equipment Monitoring System (REMS) application software
  • On/off standby
  • Channel A/B voice
  • Zeroize discrete