The Pocket J application integrates off-the-shelf Link 16 equipment (MIDS, JRE, TMPG, and SADL) with developed technology to produce Deployable Elements (DEs) which can then be remotely operated to exchange data with Fixed Elements (FE) via SATCOM, secure land line, or SIPRNET. The technology, interoperable with emerging Battle Command System (BCS) technology and the Missile Defense Agency’s JADE visualization tool, expands the communicative capacity for NORAD air defense sectors, by providing them with deployable capability to establish tactical data links between the NORAD radar and control centers and the Combat Air Patrol (CAP) aircraft. By creating these data links, the Pocket J application allows NORAD to utilize Link 16 technology to facilitate time-critical Command and Control of CAP aircraft through remotely controlled deployed Link 16 elements. The Pocket J application, fully web-enabled and IPV6 capable, is currently in use in over 30 cities nationwide and has become a critical component of homeland defense objectives.