The Tactical Toolkit is designed for warfighters at both the strategic and tactical levels. This product provides mission critical radar data correlation and command and control for Tactical Data Links (TDL). The Tactical Toolkit provides a fused real time Situational Awareness and Quick Look Analysis capability. Developed in support of the Remote-J TDL systems, the Tactical Toolkit provides operators with the capability to integrate Link 16 and SADL data with local radar data to maximize battlespace awareness for more accurate and comprehensive decision making.

The Tactical Toolkit product has three components
  • Tactical Visualization Toolkit (TVT)
  • Tactical Data Toolkit (TDT)
  • Radar Tracker

The Tactical Data Toolkit (TDT) can receive, process, and correlate more than 3,000 surveillance tracks and more than 5,000 messages a second with no operator interaction. TDT not only provides a mechanism to display data in TVT for real-world operations but it also allows data to be published to the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA). This ensures interoperability and data reuse among geographically separate ranges and other test and training facilities. This includes training as well as test and evaluation events.

  • Supports TADIL-J via JREAP-C supported for both input and output
  • Interfaces with a Multiple Radar Correlator (Tracker)
  • Publishes all supported TADIL-J to TENA
  • Maintains a Track Database
  • Communicates with Multiple TVTs
  • Processes 5000 messages/sec
  • Supports 50+ PPLI tracks
  • Supports 3000+ surveillance tracks (1000 L16 + 2000 Radar)

The Tactical Visualization Toolkit (TVT) displays the integrated TDL and radar data seamlessly with the highest performance under heavy track loads – in real time. TVT provides an easy to comprehend user interface and display. TVT can support a wide variety of map imagery formats and track/plot symbology enabling users to easily customize their environments.

  • Supports NTDS, MS2525B, and AWACS Symbology
  • Provides Situational Awareness
  • Provides Command and Control (C2) interface
  • Displays both Tracks and Radar Plots
  • Supports a variety of Vector Map and Raster Imagery formats