The following outstanding companies have joined Ultra Electronics, ProLogic to form the SeaPort-e Team. Each team member was chosen by Ultra Electronics, ProLogic for their expertise and excellent record of providing the best of the best in products and services to the Federal Government. Please feel fee to visit each of the team members home pages for more detailed information regarding each of their specialized areas of excellance.

American Systems Corporation

American Systems provides systems engineering, technical, and outsourcing services to government. Within the government sector, our focus is on Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR); Acquisition and Logistics; Readiness; National Security; and Citizen Safety.

Hollis Technology

Engineering Program Management & Support, DOD 5000 compliant independent assessment, Acquisition Strategy and Acquisition Policy.

Intelesis Technologies Corporation

Intelesis is an information technology and management consulting firm dedicated to providing customer-intimate service that enables us to satisfy the unique needs of our clients. Specializing in Strategic Planning, Networking and Custom Software Development, Intelesis is dedicated to providing customer-intimate service that enables us to satisfy your unique needs.

Log.Sec Corporation

Log.Sec specializes in the design, integration, and support of a wide range of web-enabled software applications, operating and maintaining 24/7 enterprise management systems, and supporting the development and sustainment of C4ISR systems. Log.Sec’s support has been provided throughout the U.S. Army’s Logistics, Intelligence, Environmental, DOIM, Research & Development (R&D), and Medical communities.


NetSecurity is a hands-on security consulting and training company. NetSecurity works with you to understand the unique security challenges, goals, and requirements of your application. We then provide tailored, high quality, customer-focused, and cost-effective solutions to protect you against emerging security threats and the knowledge you need to manage your enterprise security risk proactively.

Next Wave Systems, LLC

Next Wave Systems, LLC (NWS) is an engineering and technology company specializing in security and expeditionary warfare-related systems. Our mission is to deliver high quality systems and services to our customers in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible.

Paragon TEC, Inc

Paragon TEC is a premier management consulting firm with a strong passion and outstanding past performance in the area of knowledge transfer; which we define as building understanding and expertise through the use of technology, education and communication.

Sabre Systems, Inc.

Sabre specializes in providing high-quality information technology, professional engineering, business solutions and statistical and demographic analysis services to our government and commercial clients.

Shadow Talon Systems, LLC

Shadow Talon Systems provides information technology (IT) investment and governance processes to help the Department of Defense (DoD), Intel Community, and the Warfighter to better manage their overall portfolio of IT projects and programs. Shadow Talon Systems also provides leadership and advanced engineering services to deliver total solutions that address mission objectives and help to comprehensively inventory, evaluate, and track programs and investments for better management.

Software Engineering Services

Software Engineering Services (SES) provides leading-edge IT solutions to DoD, government, state agencies and the private sector. Our Key services Include; Systems Integration, CMMI Assessments, Process Engineering, Quality Assurance, Services, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), Modeling and Analysis, Satellite Imagery and Weather Observations, C4ISR Policy Development & Implementation, Information Assurance and Network Vulnerability Analysis, System Engineering, Management.

Solutions Made Simple, Inc.

Solutions Made Simple, Incorporated was founded on the premise that leading edge professional services could be delivered to customers at a reasonable cost. Our mission is to provide premier professional services personnel to assist the defense industry in attaining their vitally important goals. We keep our customers current with emerging technologies by providing knowledgeable personnel to design and implement solutions that require rapid deployment.

Spiral Solutions and Technologies, Inc.

Spiral Solutions and Technologies delivers unsurpassed service and responsiveness to our customers. Our target technology areas are in the fields of ISR and C2. Our team has extensive experience in these fields ranging from Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition program management to extensive operations expertise. Additionally, we are actively developing capability in the areas of hardware, software, and personal services opportunities within the Information Technology arena.

Symphony Corporation

Symphony has proven qualifications and past performance in federal IT domain. Symphony has a working relationship with HHS-CMS and DOT-FRA. Symphony leverages internal quality programs to manage its processes and brings transparency and predictability to its client’s projects. These solutions are implemented in ISO 9001 certified facilities and adhere to Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 4 quality processes.

Techteam Government Solutions Inc.

TechTeam delivers global, multilingual help desk services and specialized IT solutions. Drawing on 25 years of experience touching every point of the IT process, we have developed a proven Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC) delivery model that offers support efficiencies and cost savings by integrating self-service, service desk, remote monitoring, and on-site support solutions.

The Podmilsak Group

The Podmilsak Group is building a high-end geospatially oriented consulting firm focusing on the Intelligence, Defense, and Homeland Security Communities. The Group provides time-critical support to assist clients with program management support, strategic planning, business planning, budget and financial planning, and contract management support.

Visual Purple, LLC

Visual Purple successfully adapted technology originally designed for entertainment and game titles to address the needs of corporate and government training clients. Featuring Hollywood-quality, live-action video or real-time rendered 3D, our products have often been described as “interactive movies”, and in many ways, they are. They offer far greater realism than competitive products, and more depth and versatility than products based on off-the-shelf software such as PowerPoint® or Director®.