Ultra named as one of the “Super 75” Net-Centric battlespace companies

Ultra Electronics, ProLogic


Ultra named as one of the “Super 75” Net-Centric battlespace companies

 Ultra announces that through its ProLogic business, based in Manassas, VA, Ultra Electronics was named amongst Defense Systems “Super 75” most successful and agile companies who operate in the Net-Centric Battlespace market.

This is the first annual listing completed by Defense Systems and it is based on the company’s financial performance and the following four criteria:

    • A successful record of delivery products on time and within budget
    • A commitment to quality improvement and responsiveness
    • Lead their defense sectors in innovation
    • Made it a priority to respond to the urgent needs of combatant commanders

Ultra Electronics, ProLogic is a proven provider of critical enabling technologies and solutions to the Net-Centric Battlespace. Key capabilities include its innovative COMSEC Accounting, Reporting and Distribution System® (CARDS), Remote Single Point Keying, Tactical Data Links, Information Data Management and Mission Planning.

“We are very proud to be mentioned in this first annual listing and are delighted that it recognizes our focus on constant product innovation coupled with on-time delivery to the warfighter ”, said Paul Maguire, President of Ultra Electronics, ProLogic.

For the complete article, please see http://defensesystems.com/articles/2012/11/15/defense-systems-super-75.aspx


About Ultra Electronics, ProLogic

Ultra Electronics, ProLogic is a subsidiary of Ultra Electronics.   ProLogic delivers agile solutions to plan, collect, protect, and share information enabling their partners to innovate. ProLogic is headquartered in Manassas, Virginia. For more information visit www.ultra-prologic.com.


Sophie Barrett

Ultra Electronics, ProLogic



Ultra  Electronics  is  an  internationally  successful  defence,  security,  transport  and  energy company  with  a  long,  consistent  track  record  of  development  and  growth.  Ultra  businesses  constantly  innovate  to  create  solutions  to  customer  requirements  that  are  different  from  and  better  than  those  of  the  Group’s  competitors.  The  Group  has  about  one  hundred  and  eighty  distinct  market  or  technology  niches  within  its  twenty-nine  businesses.  The  diversity  of  niches  enables  Ultra  to  contribute  to  a  large  number  of  platforms  and  programmes  and  provides  resilience  to  the  Group’s  financial  performance.

Ultra  has  world-leading  positions  in  many  of  its  niches  and,  as  an  independent,  non- threatening partner, is  able  to  support all  of  the  main  prime  contractors with  specialist capabilities and solutions. As a result of such positioning, Ultra’s systems, equipment or services are often mission-critical to the successful operation of the platform to which they contribute. In turn, this mission-criticality secures Ultra’s positions for the long-term which underpin the superior financial performance of the Group.

Ultra offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a programme. The Group’s businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy where the local management teams are empowered to devise and implement competitive strategies that reflect  their  expertise in  their  specific  niches. The Group  has  a  small  head  office  and executive team that provide to the individual businesses the same agile, responsive support that they provide to customers as well as formulating Ultra’s overarching, corporate strategy.

Across the Group’s three divisions, the major market sectors in which Ultra operates are:

Defence: Ultra  supplies  advanced  electronic  and  electrical  systems  and  equipment  to coalition  defence  forces  around  the  world.  The Group innovates  to  provide  specialist capabilities that are superior to those available to the enemy. By focusing on delivering comparative military advantage, Ultra can gain market share and exploit the headroom for growth that is available in defence budgets worldwide.

Security and cyber: Ultra provides highly differentiated systems and capabilities to the broad security, intelligence and cyber market. Driven by the actions of rogue states, terrorist groups and  organised crime,  governments worldwide are  focusing  expenditure preferentially on addressing these threats. Ultra has highly specialised capabilities in secure communications, networks   and   high-grade   cryptographic   equipment,   key   management   systems   and surveillance and intelligence gathering systems.

Transport: Ultra  provides  specialist  software,  systems  and  equipment  for  use  in  mass passenger transport systems. This includes high integrity real-time controls for civil aircraft, advanced IT solutions for modern airports and trackside power equipment for transit rail systems. Demand in these areas, is driven by rising populations in affluent and developing regions of the world.

Energy: Countries around the world are addressing the strategic need to have secure access to increasing amounts of low carbon energy. Ultra has a range of safety critical sensors and controls used in existing and new build nuclear reactors. The Group has innovative portable energy sources powered by readily available propane gas. Ultra also has specialist sensors, derived from defence applications, which are highly effective at hydrocarbon mapping.in the underwater environment